ESB Health and Safety Policies

At ESB, our overall group objective is safe working and zero harm. Achieving this requires the full understanding by everyone in the group of their safety responsibilities and their commitment to fostering a pro-active safety culture, based on a duty of care for themselves, their co-workers and members of the public.

How we Work Together to Create a Safer Environment

To ensure that we are all playing our part, ESB has a Committee on Health, Safety and Environment which considers and reports on matters of policy, strategy and performance in relation to health and safety. All of our manager’s performance targets include specific requirements regarding safety.

Our line managers are responsible for making sure that employees are trained and motivated to comply with ESB safety policy, safety statements, safety rules and procedures, safety standards and relevant laws.

All of our employees have a responsibility to protect their own safety and that of others affected by their work. This is to avoid behaviours that could result in injury to others and to cooperate in implementing the safety policy, rules, standards, procedures, guidelines and codes within ESB.


ESB’s Health and Safety Performance

Our focus is on the management of key risks in the business in order to create a zero harm environment.

Over the last 15 years, we have worked hard to reduce the number of Lost-Time Injuries (LTI) to staff and contractors from a high of over 300 LTIs in the mid-1990s to 78 in 2014. This reduction was achieved through continuously reviewing our working methods in order to reduce risk with the strong commitment of management and staff across ESB.

How we are Reducing Risk and Implementing Changes

We ensure that all incidents are investigated to capture key learning points in order to implement change to working guidelines and procedures as required.

All injuries to members of staff or to contractors engaged by ESB involving an absence of more than one day from work (excluding day of incident) have to be reported to the Chief Executive within 24 hours for follow-up investigation by the local senior manager.

We report and investigate all injuries and near-misses (incidents that are of concern but did not result in injury). This allows us to focus on and investigate the root cause of accidents, and analyse high-potential incidents to avoid future risk. For example, we continue to focus on the significant risks associated with electricity and driving, as well as working at heights.

The reporting and categorisation of safety incidents in ESB with respect to this is leading to improved shared learning across our business areas and is helping us on our journey towards a zero harm environment.

*ESB complies with all statutory obligations regarding the reporting of accidents, injuries and dangerous occurrences to Health and Safety Authority (Republic of Ireland), Health & Safety Executive (UK) or equivalent bodies in other jurisdictions of operation.

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