Benefits of entering the ESB Inter-Colleges Challenge

Why students should get involved:

  • Represent your college at a national event against other leading colleges 
  • Experience of preparing and presenting a case study to a panel of Senior Executives
  • Opportunity to represent your college at the prestigious Engineering and Commerce Case Competition (ECCC) in Montreal with expenses paid
  • Placement opportunities in ESB and great runner-up prizes including iPads
  • Experience working under pressure in a fast-paced business challenge
  • Test your team work and innovation skills with a real life challenge to create real solutions in a tight time frame

Why colleges should get involved:

  • International recognition for the winning college  
  • Real-life case study for students to work on
  • Support to run internal competition to put a team together

Student insight into the ESB Inter-Colleges Challenge

Eoin Hann was a member of the University of Limerick 2016 winning team. He shares his experience of the ESB Inter Colleges Challenge.

What students say about the ESB Inter-Colleges Challenge

"This was a life changing experience for me. It's given me confidence to put myself forward more and to express myself." - David Monaghan, Business Student

"The practical applications in real life of having to work with business students and different types of engineers in a high pressure environment is a situation you won't receive in university." - Darren Fehill, mechanical Engineering Student

"An experience like this is what people look for and is what will set you apart." - Patrick Lu, Electronic Engineering Student

A team of students from University of Limerick (UL) won the 2017 ECCC International Case Competition in Montreal. Watch Eoin Hann and his team share their experience of representing UL at a national event in the video clip below.

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