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About Finance at ESB

Our role as a Finance function is to shape and deliver ESB's strategy while protecting our financial strength. We do this by being a trusted partner that drives performance through business insights and drives value in commercial opportunities.

We enable innovation and continuous improvement by applying best practices that drive standardisation, simplification and data availability. This translates in appropriate processes, reporting, governance, control and stakeholder management.

We are a high-performing team that offers opportunities to develop new skills, take careers to the next level and collaborate across teams. Our operating model is agile, and we adapt as needed to the circumstances. We achieve this by harnessing all our resources, investing in our people and working collaboratively together.

In return, we offer excellent career enhancing opportunities where our people can thrive in a fast paced, agile environment by giving them the tools, flexibility and autonomy to deliver on our purpose.

If you are interested in applying for one of the opportunities we have available in Finance please visit our current vacancies page here



Meet some of the team

Claire Ryan

Finance career in ESB

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working At ESB?

I enjoy the sense of opportunity that there is within ESB and the fact that you can have such variety in your career. As you move through your career you work with different people and develop a network that you can then reach out to as needed. In ESB you are not limited by the title "Accountant" you can pursue a career both within and outside Finance – your opinion and perspective is valued. 

What Have Been Your ESB Career Highlights? Or What Are You Most Proud Of During Your Time In ESB?

My time in Finance Operations. Our Team was there for the establishment of Finance Operations and we had in effect a blank page to work with in terms of how Financial Operations would work. Myself and the two other Team Leads worked together on our vision for the area and supported each other as we settled in our teams to this new way or working – you can never underestimate the power of peer support. It was great to see my team developing, collaborating and engaging with the wider business in a new way. What might otherwise have been a difficult time for people with such a level change was instead an opportunity to improve how we did things and drive efficiency. 

When You Tell People About Your Job, What's The One Thing That Surprises Them Or Gets Them Excited About The Work You Do? 

That my team are actually making change happen and that we have line of sight to how the work we are doing is driving the achievement of ESB's Brighter Future Strategy. Rather than keeping us at bay, the group is inviting us into decision making, valuing our opinion and perspective.


Eimear O'Herlihy

Finance careerWhat Do You Enjoy Most About Working At ESB?

What I enjoy the most about working for ESB is that you have a real sense of ESB's impact on Irish society, whether it's driving the change to a sustainable low-carbon future or out ensuring the lights stay on during storms. ESB has a very special place in the Irish community so you feel you are contributing to something that has a real purpose.

What Have Been Your ESB Career Highlights? Or What Are You Most Proud Of During Your Time In ESB? 

Working on the SIRO Fibre to the Building project has been a career highlight. This involved developing key commercial skills and expertise in working and negotiating with key stakeholders to deliver an optimal commercial outcome for ESB Networks. In addition to this, I was selected to be the Generation and Trading (G&T) representative at the 2016 Finance Conference. I presented to all finance employees in ESB on Disruptive Innovation in the Energy Industry, focusing on the impact it has on Trading and the wider G&T business.

When You Tell People About Your Job, What's The One Thing That Surprises Them Or Gets Them Excited About The Work You Do? 

The variety of work experience I have enjoyed and the various roles I have performed. Working in finance means one can experience different parts of the organisation, giving a person significant opportunities for professional development.

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