ESB Wind Energy Strategy

At ESB, we want our wind farm investments to deliver long term social, economic and environmental benefits for everyone. We believe in the power of wind energy and the potential it holds to change our world. As such, wind energy infrastructure is a core component of ESB's Sustainability Strategy.

By 2020, ESB will be delivering one-third of its electricity from renewable generation and will achieve carbon net-zero by 2035. Wind energy has been the driving force behind this expansion, through the development of wind farms in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Progress, and Future Plans

Since the 1980s, we have been involved in the management of the all-island wind resource from the development and construction of onshore wind farms, through to their operation and maintenance.

Today, we’ve amassed an onshore wind asset portfolio which has the capacity to supply ​nearly 450 MW of green energy to the homes, farms, hospitals, schools, and businesses throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. ESB's ​Wind Development team are actively utilising their engineering expertise to deliver a further 12+ wind energy projects by 2018 towards achieving a total operating capacity of 1,600 MW by 2025.

Future Wind Energy Asset Portfolio
Why Wind?

As a nation, we have a long and proud history of punching above our weight. In 1927, we met 100% of the countries' electricity needs by harnessing the power of the River Shannon. Just three short years later this percentage dropped below 80%, today less then 2% and as energy consumption soars across Ireland, there is an increasing need to create our own source of fuel.

Our island’s unique position on the edge of the Atlantic offers us the opportunity to leverage the strength of the wind - along with other valuable natural resources - thereby restoring our energy independence.


ESB Innovation in Wind

ESB is leading the way in developing a modern, efficient energy system, capable of delivering a sustainable and competitive energy supply to our customers. Through the implementation of our innovation, expertise and investment ESB strives to deliver large-scale projects, which will make wind a more viable energy resource.

Wind energy is still a relatively new industry, one of which we are only beginning to see its full potential. As call for power supply diversification climbs across Ireland and the United Kingdom, this growing section will continue to spur innovation.  We are currently focusing on electricity storage and its applications for the wind industry. We do this to take advantage of the current supply and demand imbalance with the all-island wind resource.


Careers in Wind

As we continue to invest and expand our wind farm portfolio, we are actively adding people to our dynamic teams in this field. Check out our Careers Section for information on why you should work with us, and details of our current vacancies available.