Solar Photovoltaic

ESB has been active in developing solar PV for many years. ESB Novusmodus, one of Europe’s largest cleantech funds, has invested in two innovative solar companies - TenKSolar and Lumicity.

Key Fact:

25% of buildings will use Solar energy by 2025

Solar Energy


In 2015 ESB set up a joint venture with Kingspan Energy to bring “Funded Solar” to business customers.

Kingspan ESB will bring your business clean, green energy, while making effective use of unused space. And all of this for no upfront capital costs or ongoing maintenance costs.

ESB is currently developing ground mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) farms, both in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The system sizes vary depending on land and grid availability, with typical sizes being between one and 20MW. Approximately five acres is required for each MW.

Ground mounted solar PV is a relatively quick route to creating new low carbon electricity generation. In addition, it has low environmental impact, can add to biodiversity in an area and can provide a reliable financial income to farmers and other large scale landowners.

Growing on our successful wind development business and on our vast experience of power generation, ESB is currently in negotiations with landowners and energy intensive industries to develop solar farms on their lands.