ESB ​Westwave

ESB’s Ocean Energy Project, ESB Westwave, is one of the first wave energy demo trials in the world taking place in Killard, off the coast of Co Clare.

With Ireland’s vast ocean energy resources, we are confident that wave energy will be part of our future energy mix, reducing our dependency on increasingly expensive imported fuel and reducing our overall emissions.

We are working in collaboration with a number of ocean energy technology developers to support the development and commercialisation of new technologies in this area.

The ESB Westwave project is world leading in its design knowledge development and knowledge sharing. The achievements of the project reflect the commitment and ingenuity of the wide range of partners who have contributed to its success. In the area of wave resource characterisation, ESB has collaborated closely with Irish universities and research teams including University College Dublin (UCD), National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) and University College Cork (UCC) on innovative wave measurements and models.

Key Fact: 20% of our electricity needs could be provided by Ireland’s ocean resources