Low Energy Future Proofed Homes

A SuperHome is an energy efficient home that has implemented all the cost effective and sensible energy efficiency measures. Such work includes insulation, air tightness and advanced ventilation. In addition heat and hot water is provided by renewable energy technologies such as air-source heat pumps and solar photovoltaic panels. SuperHomes 2016 will include all these elements and more.

The adoption of air-source heat pumps in our homes is widely accepted as a key enabler to reducing Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions as their fuel source, electricity, is on a path to full decarbonisation. In fact changing an oil-fired boiler with a heat pump can save, on average, 50% of annual primary energy consumption and contributes to a significant reduction in the homes carbon footprint.

Tipperary Energy Agency, supported by SEAI and Electric Ireland, launched the SuperHomes Pilot Project in 2015 which successfully upgraded 10 homes across Ireland. The average investment by the homeowner was €28,000, (€16,000 when the funding was applied). As well as average savings of €1,500 per annum on oil, homeowners also benefited hugely from living in a more comfortable, healthier house with better air quality.

For the second year running, Tipperary Energy Agency’s SuperHomes project will aim to give homeowners the opportunity to retrofit their house to an A3 energy rating standard. Funding of up to 35% is available to achieve this and the initiative will again be supported by SEAI and Electric Ireland.

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