Our Investment Proposition

ESB is a leading Irish diversified and vertically integrated utility operating right across the electricity market from generation, through transmission and distribution to the supply of customers, with an expanding presence in the GB generation market. With up to two-thirds of earnings sourced from the regulated networks businesses on the island of Ireland, combined with regulatory supports in its generation markets, a significant proportion of Group earnings is stable and predictable. 

Financial strength is a core pillar of Group strategy, reflected in the continued maintenance of a strong investment grade credit rating of at least BBB+ or equivalent with the three major agencies.

Our Investment Proposition - Asset Base

ESB’s businesses include market leading positions in the electricity generation and supply markets in Ireland (Single Electricity Market, or SEM), and monopoly ownership of the transmission and distribution networks on the island of Ireland.

Established in 1927, ESB is majority owned by the Irish Government (95% shareholding).