A Bright idea helps Aurivo Co-op cut its carbon footprint

Working in partnership with Aurivo

In 2018, ESB Smart Energy Services partnered with Aurivo Group, a multipurpose Cooperative with interests across a variety of businesses, including the Homeland Stores and Garden Centres retail chain, dairy production and feed mill.Seeking ways to reduce energy and maintenance costs, as well as improve the employee and shopper experience,the Aurivo Cooperative group tasked Smart Energy Services with delivering a lighting retrofit across 30 Homeland stores, as well as Aurivo’s dairy plant and feed mill.
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The Challenge

 With multiple locations, the partnership needed a solution that would deliver ongoing savings at scale, and without the need for capital investment.

Sustainability for Aurivo means championing business, communities and the environment in which we work. Efficient use of energy, like this exciting lighting project, helps us to further achieve our Sustainability strategy for the North-west region by working in partnership with ESB and others.”  

- Marty Dervin, Energy Manager, Aurivo

The Solution

Lighting as a service (LaaS) is one of the fastest ways to deliver significant energy savings, offers large energy users a way to avail of the latest lighting technology, without assuming the risks associated with an upfront investment

The Technology

LED lighting, monitoring systems and remote controls, provide an easy way to monitor usage patterns and identify inefficiencies across 31 locations, control energy usage and instantly establish when and where maintenance is needed 

The Results

  • Energy Cost Savings Of Over 50%
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Over 5,000 light fittings upgraded