Pre Installation:

Smart Energy Services use the ABB/Cylon Active Energy Manager (AEM) cloud software as their preferred energy monitoring system. However, if there is already a different monitoring system or software installed, our team has the capability to perform analytics  on different systems with other customers that have different systems installed.  We also utilise fast parallel databases and BI tools that are not energy monitoring system specific. Talk to us about your specific needs.

Electricity and gas bills offer a single aggregated view of energy consumption for a business site. In order for an in depth analysis to be conducted, a cost-effective number of submeters are needed on individual large loads to provide energy insights to identify where you are using excessive energy. For example, lighting, mechanical, heating and ventilation, refrigeration are all affected by different external factors. Submetering offers an ability to view data at a 15-minute or faster interval level where ESB can then set daily targets and alarms for when assets are not performing optimally.

This is dependent on the complexity of the meter install project and the number of meters required for each site. Most meter installs are complete in a few days.

Premises need to be audited to establish the large variable and controllable loads that impact energy efficiency, and how cost effective it is to individually meter those loads.

A strong mobile signal is preferable to give consistent data. So long as you can make and receive calls with reliability, it should be suitable.  Alternatively, the metering data can go on the customers LAN from which we can work the IT protocols to pick it up.

Yes, ESB can provide this service to anyone regardless of their current energy supplier.

Post Installation:

Yes, ESB can provide this service to anyone regardless of their current energy supplier.

The first step for ESB is to collect baseline data and consumption patterns to understand the sites energy performance. Once a baseline has been produced and there is a clear understanding of the sites operation, we can then start recommending energy saving opportunities. This can take several weeks.