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Why Get Involved?

ESB Science Blast engages the whole class, helps build student’s confidence and spark their curiosity through exciting experiences. Our downloadable guidelines and resources allow teachers to easily combine activities and lessons, making STEM focused subjects and curriculum easier to plan and deliver for teachers.

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Why Students and Teachers Benefit

Working together as a group, teachers can use the provided worksheets, plans and tips to help students to investigate their own interests, discover answers and a greater appreciation of STEM subjects. The fun, practical programme will help children develop skills in scientific literacy, critical thinking, creativity and communication.

ESB's role

In partnership with the RDS, the ESB has committed to bring ESB Science Blast to as many primary schools as possible across Ireland to encourage and inspire the next generation of engineers, innovators and creators. ESB’s support has allowed this national event to grow to new heights every year. From ESB Science Blast TV to our traveling roadshow to help schools take part, all leading to three national student project showcase events.

ESB Science Blast 2023

Grace Park Educate Together National School participate in an ESB Science Blast workshop hosted by Broadcaster and Science Communicator, Phil Smyth. The students work together as a class to brainstorm testable, measurable questions that could form their 2023 ESB Science Blast project.

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