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STEAM Programmes

Through our Generation Tomorrow STEAM education programme, ESB supports partners that deliver STEAM initiatives for young people that encourage curiosity, creativity and scientific discovery

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Our partners are dedicated to empowering young people to develop key 21st Century skills, that will help them not only to become creative and innovative problem solvers of the future, but also active and engaged citizens, capable of making informed choices to tackle climate change and other global challenges.

ESB Science Blast

ESB Science Blast, delivered by the RDS, encourages children’s natural curiosity by empowering them to investigate the science behind a simple question that interests them, using essential 21st Century skills.

What Is ESB Science Blast?

It’s a non-competitive, whole class-led STEM programme that is free to enter for primary school classes from 3rd to 6th (ROI) and Key Stage 2 (NI). It helps teachers build students confidence in maths and science through an amazing interactive and fun-filled experience within the classroom.

Children use scientific discovery methods to investigate the science behind a simple question that interests them, before presenting their findings at one of three showcase events in Dublin, Limerick, and Belfast.  Unfortunately, this year the showcase events are not happening, but instead the participating classes across Ireland will be hosting their own in school showcase events. 

To find out more about ESB Science Blast visit

Quavers to Quadratics

Quavers to Quadratics, delivered by the National Concert Hall, is an innovative programme that explores the intersection of the worlds of music and science through a series of hands-on workshops for DEIS schools. The workshops are led, and designed, by university science and music education students.

Experimentation and play inform the workshops. Hearing Sound introduces the good vibrations that carry sound to our ears. Seeing Sound allows children to visualise many forms of sound-waves using scientific equipment. They are encouraged to ‘give it a go’ in their classrooms with whatever musical instruments they have available. Feeling Sound sees the children explore why different instruments are made the way they are and their resulting ‘musical personalities’. Finally, Creating Sound asks the children to design, make and play their own musical instruments.  More than 4,400 students have participated in Quavers to Quadratics in schools across the country last year. More information here. 

Empowering Creative Technology

Kinia is a social enterprise and charity that empowers creativity with technology in order to broaden skills, aspirations, and opportunities for young people.

Kinia was formed in July 2021 when Camara Education Ireland, TechSpace and the Ireland-focused programmes of Suas Educational Development merged together.

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ESB has supported Camara Education Ireland since 2014, helping to drive the growth and scale of the TechSpace STEAM programme across Ireland.

Since then, they have trained more than 900 educators across the formal and informal education sector in creative technology professional development, enabling them to support young people to gain invaluable skills across STEAM, Creative Computing and Digital Media.  

Read more about the impact of ESB’s support for Kinia here.

Shaun's Story

Shaun “MC” Samra, from Finglas, Co Dublin, suffered from separation anxiety, which impacted negatively on his ability to participate in school and afterschool activities.

His mum, Amanda, brought him to meet youth worker Mick McCullough, in Finglas Youth Resource centre, who got him involved in the TechSpace programme, tapping into Shaun’s interest in rapping to get him engaged and involved. 

Shaun wrote a rap “Anxiety” about the impact of his anxiety on both him and his family.

This earned him the ESB TechSpacer of the Month award in June 2020 and subsequently, the ESB TechSpacer of the Year at the 2020 ESB Creative TechFest. Shaun talks about how participating in TechSpace helped him to deal with his anxiety and tap into his passion for rapping – watch here.

Shaun is also the voice behind #FlipTheScript, a rap animation that aims to show how Kinia’s programmes empower young people to unlock their passions and potential through the creative use of technology. The creative animation visualises how perceived negatives in teenage behaviours can, with the right tools and support, become positives for young people on their journey to creating their own brighter future. 

Creative TechFest

ESB also supports Creative TechFest, the annual celebration of the creative work of young people throughout the Kinia network, which takes place annually in October.


ESB was a key partner in the Tech2Students emergency Covid-19 campaign, led by Camara Ireland (now Kinia) and Trinity Access Programme, that provided funding, communications support and staff volunteer-led logistical support. Between April 2020 and June 2021, the Tech2Students appeal raised more than €750,000 and 4,500 devices were donated and distributed to young people in need.

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