ESB Innovation Programmes

ESB has a structured open approach where we engage with the wider innovation eco-system to capture and prioritise ideas from a range of different innovation and digital programmes. Effective management of our innovation programmes ensures that we generate a continuous flow of innovative business proposals for assessment and development into commercial business propositions in line with our Innovation process.

Our key Innovation and Digital Programmes are described below.

Free Electrons

Free Electrons is an alliance of energy accelerators and global utilities including ESB that are committed to supporting energy entrepreneurs and start-ups to transform the energy market with next-generation ideas.

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Innovation Academy

ESB's Innovation Academy is designed to build competency in customer centric innovation across the group to support delivery of our ambitious Brighter Future strategy.

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The X_Potential programme enables all staff across ESB to submit innovative ideas that have the potential to develop into future businesses for ESB.

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X_Site is ESB’s business incubator – providing relevant supports for cross value chain ventures to enable innovative projects to develop, grow and scale.

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Emerging Technology and Research and Development

ESB Windmill

ESB engages with external stakeholders, technology developers and consultants, energy start-ups, research organisations and staff across ESB to analyse and assess emerging technologies across power generation, flexibility, cross - energy and cross industry.

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Digital Accelerator at ESB

ESB Careers

The Digital Accelerator at ESB is a dedicated team focused on developing new business opportunities and solving business challenges through deploying digital solutions in an agile manner.

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Business Unit Innovation

All Business Units in ESB have an innovation mandate and innovation projects are managed and delivered within each Business Unit.

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