ESB Networks Dingle Project


The Challenge

The electricity industry in Ireland is undergoing unprecedented change, facilitating our country’s transition to a low carbon energy system, while providing secure supplies of renewable and affordable energy to our homes and businesses.

ESB Networks is committed to supporting this change through an increase in renewable generation connections and distributed energy sources as well as the electrification of heat and transport, all of which requires complex integration with the existing electricity grid – the integrated grid.

In Dingle, ESB Networks is working with the local community in discovering what opportunities the future of energy can unlock for the people of Ireland. The largest innovation programme undertaken by ESB Networks, this project will develop an understanding of how networks and customers can flexibly participate in the energy system while increasing network resilience for overall societal benefit.

The Solution

To help ESB Networks future-proof the electricity network for the benefit of homes, farms and businesses in Dingle, five local ambassadors were selected to explore energy efficiency measures on the journey towards a low carbon future.

Each ambassador receives a range of low carbon technologies including an Electric Vehicle Chargepoint, Air Source Heat Pump, Rooftop Solar PV, Controllable Immersion, Smart Circuit Breaker, Smart Meter, Battery Storage System and a Smart Living Gateway (IoT Hub in Home). Each ambassador is exploring these new technologies and sharing their experiences with the wider Dingle community and in doing so help inform us as to how customers use and engage with new low carbon and Smart grid technologies and the impacts on the distribution system.

The Benefits

Delivering this project will allow ESB Networks to understand that challenges and benefits associated with highly flexible electricity systems underpinned by IoT infrastructure, smart devices, systems and a platform that enables management of devices and applications. This, in turn, empowers customers to transition to the active energy citizen persona. This knowledge will ensure we will be well positioned to deliver the services required by customers from 2030.

A key part of the project is community engagement and ESB Networks have appointed a Strategic Community Engagement Resource to co-ordinate community engagement on the Dingle project. Through the project ESB Networks have supported the development of the Dingle Community Engagement Group and have worked closely with both national and local agencies to deliver the project including hosting project events to engage with the local community.

The Future

The Dingle Project will shape and inform what the smart integrated electricity network of the future might look like. The learning that we get in Dingle will be used to inform how we plan our network over the coming years and deliver on the challenge of increasing renewable generation connections and distributed energy sources as well as the electrification of heat and transport.

See's-energy-future for more information.