Advanced Real-Time Visualization of Information and Consolidation of Applications via Digital Platform


The Challenge

Staff in our Generation & Trading business have traditionally relied upon information from multiple, sometimes conflicting data sources presented in numerous different formats in order to make informed decisions on the safe operation and trading of its growing generation portfolio.  Since the introduction of the new I-SEM market for electricity, this issue had become even more challenging and Generation and Trading staff based many of their decisions to operate in the new market on information that came from a number of disconnected and unrelated data sources. In many cases the data was out of date or it conflicted with other sources of data leading to confusion, delayed or poor decision making. The increased frequency and dynamism of trading since I-SEM has caused trading staff to demand more from their tools to identify high-risk constraint situations and for bid pricing. Generation Stations also needed access to real-time information, as Generators that do not deliver capacity exactly as and when needed are subject to financial penalties.

The Solution

The entire team in Generation and Trading supported by ESB Data Analytics and Digital Factory came together to develop the Digital Platform and its Visualization Engine to consolidate Business, Marketing and Engineering information on to one platform, and using advanced visualizations to project up to date, trusted and relevant information in an expressive and meaningful way.

The application provides staff with 24/7, real time and forecasted data through user-friendly, web-based dashboards available on multiple ESB devices from PC, laptop and Smart phone. It pulls multiple data sources and reports together and presents data in an easy to understand, highly visual way so staff can quickly review the data and make informed decisions.

The Benefits

The Real Time Visualisation application is now available to all staff and supports them in making strategic, data driven decisions quickly by presenting accurate, trustworthy and relevant information to users in near-real time. Staff can also create their own reports using easily accessible information from the digital platform and utilize available dashboarding technology to share their reports and dashboards effortlessly with their colleagues. The new dashboards enable staff to react to changes on time and avoid financial penalties in I-SEM. The high-quality information provided by the application affords generation staff greater trading opportunities and reduces missed opportunities. The real-time, easy to read dashboard showing a one-day forecast and three-day history provides transparency and trust in our data and will aide collaboration throughout the business.

The Future

The Generation and Trading Digital Platform is driving value for the business. The platform is modular in design that will easily allow expansion for the future. The underlying data architecture will bring the Generation & Trading analytics capability to the next level of sophistication, allowing for further innovative digital analytics products to be created. The deployment of the finely tuned architecture with built-in mechanism to assure security, privacy and performance of the application is a first of a kind in ESB and is now being used as a blueprint for further deployments of applications and platforms with similar requirements.