Christmas Safety Message from ESB Networks

At this time of the year, ESB Networks would like to remind customers to always be aware of the potential dangers that electricity can pose. We all use electricity everyday but it can have many potential hazards which we all must learn to be careful of. 

ELECTRICITY is perfectly safe when used in an appropriate manner, but it can have devastating consequences if it is interfered with. Always Respect the Power of Electricity. Here are some safety tips from ESB Networks.

Some Safety Tips for the Home:

  1. Only use Christmas lights that have been tested and meet safety standards and are in good condition.
  2. Never use damaged lights. Check for frayed wires, loose connections, damaged or cracked plugs or transformers, etc and replace immediately.
  3. Test your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms to ensure they are working.
  4. Keep decorations and any combustible materials well clear of light fittings and other sources of heat such as candles, fireplaces, heaters, etc to reduce the risk of fire.
  5. Switch out all Christmas lights before going to bed or leaving the house to protect against the risk of fire.
  6. For extra safety, always switch off and unplug TV’s, chargers and other electrical appliances when not in use.
  7. Do not overload sockets or extension cords. Always fully unwind extension cords to avoid overheating.
  8. Always use a registered electrical contractor to carry out repairs. 

Safety Tips when outdoors – Always be alert to the potential dangers of electricity:

  • Always look up and watch out for overhead lines and electricity pylons and poles.
  • Never climb trees or walls that are near overhead wires.
  • Do not work near overhead lines.
  • Never fly kites or toy planes near overhead lines.
  • Stormy and windy weather may result in overhead electricity wires falling to the ground, so always remember do not touch or go near fallen wires.  

In the event of a dangerous situation, please contact the ESB Networks 24-HOUR EMERGENCY NUMBER – 1850 372 999

Have a SAFE and Happy Christmas