ESB Networks Statement on Meter Replacement

20 December 2016

ESB Networks has been advised by a manufacturer of a number of its electricity meters that there may be potential for a component within the meters to fail. The manufacturer estimates that approximately 17,000 meters may contain this suspect component, with indications of a 10% failure rate within this specific batch. As such, this issue only affects 0.01% of our overall meter volume (2.3 million). The meters in question are a digital or electronic meters and not the traditional ‘rotating disc’ meter.

Ampy Meter for ESB Networks

This failure, according to the manufacturer, causes the meter to over record for a short period of time and then the meter stops working entirely. This does not interfere with the supply of electricity. ESB Networks would like to assure all affected customers that there is no safety risk with the failure of this component.

ESB Networks has written to all affected customers this week and will be arranging to replace and test the meters over the next number of months and will let customers know the outcome of the tests. If the tests show any inaccuracy with the meter, a refund will be processed for each customer where appropriate.

ESB Networks advises all customers that they do not have to take any action with their meters. ESB Networks will contact all affected customers and test the meters. ESB Networks apologises to all affected customers that this problem has arisen with one of our metering suppliers.

Media enquiries to:

Paul Hand 01 7027532 / 085 7256798/


*More information available for affected customers here.