Electric Ireland breaks new ground with launch into residential Solar PV market

  • First energy supplier to launch solar PV offering for Irish homes
  • Average savings of up to €250 annually on energy bills

05 April 2017

Electric Ireland has today launched into the solar PV market for Irish homes – the first time an Irish energy supplier has done so in the residential market. As part of the package, Electric Ireland is offering residential energy users installation of six solar panels and a custom-built app to show energy savings in real-time. This offering can lead to a saving of up to €250 per year off the average household bill.*

Solar PV allows homeowners the opportunity to generate their own electricity, reduce energy bills and help the environment. For homeowners who produce more power than they need with the solar PV panels, the extra power is diverted automatically to heat their water which leads to further savings and greater energy efficiency. As part of Electric Ireland’s offer, customers can avail of a unique custom-built app that allows customers to track their usage and savings in real-time.

Paul Stapleton, General Manager at Electric Ireland said:

“As the first energy supplier to offer residential solar PV in Ireland, we are reaffirming our commitment to providing customers with quality, affordable, smart and energy efficient home solutions. Through this offering, homeowners can both enjoy the benefits of clean energy and reduced energy bills thanks to the transfer of unused power into the home’s hot water system. This Solar PV launch is another important offering for our customers, and another step on our journey towards building a sustainable and greener country for all.”

Electric Ireland is offering a 36 month interest-free payment plan for customers. Users of solar PV also qualify for Home Renovation Incentive tax rebate scheme if paid within one calendar year.

Customers can avail of this offer from today by contacting Electric Ireland at 1850 372 333 or at https://www.electricireland.ie/solar-pv

Snapshot of possible savings in Ireland through Solar PV:

  •  Cork – €253.00 per year (1610kWh)
  • Kildare – €239.00 per year (1520 kWh)
  • Clonmel – €232.00 per year (1480kWh)
  • Claremorris – €226.00 (1440kWh) 

*This calculation is based on 85% of generated power used.

This is the latest offering from Electric Ireland in sustainable and innovative energy solutions. Electric Ireland recently partnered with Durkan Residential to develop their ‘All Electric’ homes at Silken Park in Dublin. Electric Ireland has also partnered with Eirgrid to offer the ‘Power Off & Save’ initiative to encourage householders to reduce electricity use at high demand times of the day.

Electric Ireland believes in investing in and offering smart solutions that provides customers greater convenience and comfort in the home such as its heating control devices including Nest, Climote and Honeywell.

Why Solar PV?

  • Solar PV or Photovoltaic (PV) systems use the sun’s energy by converting daylight into electricity.
  • Most roofs with a south, south-east, or south-west orientation are suitable.
  • A 6-panel array takes an area of just 10 square metres.
  • Installation typically takes one day and no planning permission is required.
  • Solar PVs, once maintained, can last more than 20 years.


About Electric Ireland 

Electric Ireland is the retail arm of ESB, supplying electricity, gas and energy services to the business and residential markets in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Recognised as Ireland’s leading energy provider, customer service is the cornerstone of the Electric Ireland brand. Electric Ireland has high standards and are always innovating to offer competitive prices, as well as smart, innovative products for the connected home.