ESB and REG Power Management enter into agreement to deliver two wind farms in Scotland

• Combined capacity of two concept stage windfarms up to 200MW
• Two concept stage wind farms in Knockodhar and Greenburn

20 July 2017

ESB and REG Power Management are pleased to announce the signing this morning (Thursday ​20 July 2017) of a Development Services Agreement spanning two concept-stage wind farms in Scotland (Knockodhar and Greenburn).

It is anticipated that Knockodhar could accommodate up to 50 turbines and Greenburn, approximately 15 turbines; together the two wind farms will have a combined capacity of approximately 200 MW.

This new investment adds to ESB’s existing platform of 400 MW, which is being developed in partnership with Coriolis Energy alongside an additional partnership with Savills to deliver a further 35 MW project.

Dave McNamara, Renewables Manager at ESB, says that the partnership with REG Power Management will help the company grow its onshore wind business in Scotland. “Recognising the long term imperative to take fossil fuels out of our economies, onshore wind continues to be one of the most cost effective solutions in terms of new renewable electricity generation.

“This agreement builds on other successful partnerships in Scotland and both companies look forward to working together to provide development opportunities on these two sites of considerable potential.”

Matt Partridge, Development Director of REG Power Management commented: “We’re delighted to be partnering with ESB on two exciting Scottish windfarm opportunities which could individually and together make a significant contribution to Scotland’s clean electricity requirements, the local communities and broader climate goals.”


About ESB
ESB is Ireland’s foremost energy company and the largest supplier of renewable electricity. Through innovation, expertise and investment, ESB is leading the way in developing a modern, efficient electricity system, capable of delivering sustainable and competitive energy supplies to our customers. Every day, ESB works for a better energy future by investing in low-carbon generating technologies in Ireland and Great Britain, building smarter electricity networks in Ireland and working with others to find innovative solutions to today’s energy challenges.

About REG Power Management
Established in 2005, REG Power Management is a developer, owner and operator of renewable energy projects. We have developed and built over 1000MW of operational wind and solar projects, not only in the UK but in Canada and Poland.  In addition to our own assets, we look after one of the largest portfolios of UK wind and solar assets for third parties. Leveraging our asset owning capability in this way enables us to bring innovative and creative solutions developed over many years, maximising the potential of third party owned assets; looking after these as if they were our own projects.