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EV Fleet Charging


Decarbonise your transport and move your organisation forward

ESB has been developing electro-mobility solutions since 2010 and built the world's first national network of Electric Vehicle charging points. We want to share our knowledge and offerings with businesses looking to reduce their transport carbon emissions.

The electrification of transport is an essential component of any decarbonisation strategy. Whether you want to improve green credentials by electrifying your organisation's fleet, or meet the evolving needs of staff and customers, our experts team will deliver the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging infrastructure to suit your needs.

We will work in partnership with you to design, install and maintain a custom charging infrastructure for your EV fleet. And with funding available, you can invest in the future, at no cost today.

The benefits of EV Fleet Charging include:

  • Future-proofed infrastructure
  • Carbon reduction
  • Enhanced green credentials
  • Suitable for commuters and commercial fleets
  • Greater convenience for staff and customers


How our Funding model works for you 

  1. Where feasible ESB will fund the project with no CapEx input from your company. 
  2. Payments are made at the same rate as the delivered savings, so the scheme is “Balance Sheet Neutral” for you. 
  3. We work with longer payback terms than the industry norm. 
  4. Once the CapEx cost is paid off, you benefit from 100% of the ongoing annual savings. 
  5. An initial overview of the energy saving potential will be produced at no cost to you. 
  6. By providing the up-front capital for energy-saving infrastructure projects, repayments to us are financed by the resultant delivered savings. 


ESB’s Smart Energy Services offer a full range of funded solutions and to demonstrate our commitment, we operate a €75 million fund that is dedicated to assisting large energy users access affordable finance and expertise to help bring their carbon reduction strategy to life.

We also support self-funded capital projects, whereby ESB will procure, install, and develop a capital asset on behalf of the customer to best suit their needs. With an agreed payback term depending on the scope of the project, once the project has paid for itself, the customer maintains full ownership of the asset and will benefit from 100% of the associated savings.   

ESB’s Smart Energy Services are looking to partner with intensive energy users to help deliver a bespoke solution that specific to the site and the organisational needs.

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