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Self Funded Capital Projects

Smart Energy

With Self Funded Capital Projects, ESB will deliver an energy efficiency project, whereby we will procure, install, and develop a capital asset on behalf of the customer to best suit their needs. 

The key benefit of Self Funded Capital Projects is tapping into ESB's technical expertise and existing supplier frameworks. ESB can support customers to design, specify and procure the best fit for your organisation. We will manage the project through design and installation, and we tender through established ESB supplier frameworks to ensure we can provide an economically competitive offering. 

Concerns about a lack of in-house expertise shouldn't get in the way of implementing your businesses carbon reduction strategy. ESB combines our market expertise, and energy management and optimisation services into a single package to deliver tangible cost and carbon savings for your organisation. 

Benefits to your business:

  • ESB manages the project through design and installation.
  • Your business maintains full ownership of the asset developed and benefits 100% of the associated savings.
  • The customer benefits from ESB's technical expertise and established frameworks in relation to design, engineering, procurement, project management and health & safety compliance.
  • Your business can avail of financial benefits through the Accelerated Capital Allowance scheme (ACA) or SEAI energy grants.
  • Project delivery to an excellent standard.

Speak to one of our team of energy experts today or learn how we can deliver a bespoke solution for your organisation's specific needs.

Energy Insights

We provide access to advanced energy monitoring tools, robust usage analytics and industry-specific insights to unlock the energy savings potential of your organisation.

Expert Recommendation

Our team can provide solutions, consultancy and design input that will deliver the best results for your organisation.

Innovative Solutions

We offer a variety of sustainable technologies that require no upfront supply-side investment.

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