ESB's EV charging network

Recognising the need to support the electrification of transport and encourage adoption and uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), ESB undertook a significant public-charging network investment programme in 2010.

In doing so, ESB became the first company to invest in the EV infrastructure in Ireland as the country became one of the first in the world to spearhead such a large-scale EV project. More than 1,000 chargers were installed across the island of Ireland, which, combined with customer-focused initiatives, encouraged uptake of the then new mode of transport, e-mobility.

Over the last 10 years, ESB has invested more than €50m in the EV network infrastructure and associated customer services, with the support of Government and the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).

ESB continues to invest in the latest technologies and are currently undertaking a €20m upgrade programme to expand and enhance the country’s EV charging network with the rollout of superhubs, high-powered chargers and the upgrade of AC chargers nationwide.

This investment and growing confidence in our public-charging network continues to encourage drivers to make the transition to EVs and reduce carbon emissions.

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