Access to Information on the Environment

EC (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations 2014 – 2018

ESB is a public authority for purposes of the European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations 2014-2018 (the “AIE Regulations”). Under the AIE Regulations you are entitled to request access to information on the environment that is held by or for ESB.

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To submit a request for environmental information to ESB, e-mail
or write to:-                         Suzanne Moran
                                           ESB AIE Requests Co-ordinator,
                                           Two Gateway,
                                           East Wall Road,
                                           Dublin 3, D03 A995

All requests should:

  • be made in writing or electronic form,
  • state that the request is made under the AIE Regulations,
  • state your name, address and any other relevant contact details,
  • state as specifically as possible, the environmental information that you require from ESB, and
  • if you require access to the environmental information in a particular form or manner, specify the form or manner of access desired.

Where a request is made to ESB under the AIE Regulations and (i) the environmental information requested is not held by ESB and (ii) ESB believes that the information is or may be held by another Public Authority under the AIE Regulations, ESB will transfer your request as soon as possible to the relevant Public Authority under Article 7(6) of the AIE Regulations.  In these circumstances you will be informed that your request has been transferred.

As provided for under the AIE Regulations, ESB will try to respond to your request as soon as possible.  No later than one month after the receipt of your request we will either respond with a decision, notify you of the transfer of your request to another Public Authority or notify you that an extra month is required (as provided under the AIE Regulations) to deal with your request.

ESB may apply charges for photocopying of documents.  Charges will be as follows: Photocopy: €0.04 per A4 page

Business Hours 

AIE office business hours are Monday - Friday: 8am to 6pm.