ESB Strategy

ESB's strategy for creating a brighter future is anchored in our ambition to lead the transition to a low-carbon energy future based on clean, reliable, affordable electricity. It sets out a path to achieve this ambition in a way that will also ensure that ESB continues to grow as a successful business and maintain the financial strength to invest in a low-carbon future at the necessary pace and scale. It also recognises the potential for new business growth arising from the transition. ESB’s strategy highlights the importance of being adaptable, responsible and opportunistic in an era of unprecedented uncertainty.  

Strategy Statement

In implementing our strategy ESB will be guided by its Strategy Statement which summarises our geographic focus, business focus and our commitment to customer centricity, collaboration and innovation;

Through our diverse businesses across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain we aim to meet customer energy needs by bringing the best of our capabilities together to deliver innovative and value-driven solutions for a low-carbon world.”

ESB's Business Environment

ESB’s strategy addresses our business environment and has been informed by climate and energy policy, advances in technology, changing customer preferences and the emergence of new business models.

Five Strategic Objectives for a Brighter Future

Strategic Objectives