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Electric Ireland announces Moratorium on Disconnection during Level 5 of COVID-19 Plan

• Electric Ireland announces disconnection moratorium for its 1.3 million residential and business customers during Level 5 of the Plan for Living with COVID-19 (which runs up until 1 Dec, 2020)
• Electric Ireland gas price freeze remains in place, ensuring the 11.5% decrease from 1 April stays in effect for the winter months

Wednesday  21 October 2020

Electric Ireland has today announced the reintroduction of a disconnection moratorium for its 1.3 million residential and business customers, thereby protecting all of its customers that may experience financial hardship and uncertainty during the new Level 5 restrictions due to come into effect on Thursday 22 October and which run until 1 December 2020.
Electric Ireland have also asked all customers who are experiencing financial difficulty during these challenging times to make contact and they will work with them to find a payment plan that will suit their individual circumstances.
Marguerite Sayers, Executive Director, Electric Ireland commented on the announcement:
“At Electric Ireland we have a rigorous engagement process in place with our customers who are experiencing financial difficulties. We are acutely aware of the challenges that some customers will experience now with the new Level 5 restrictions. We want to ensure those customers will be protected and have peace of mind during the winter months as we deal with the challenges of the Covid restrictions. The re-introduction of our disconnection moratorium commencing from Thursday 22 October for all of our customers, means those most at risk can rest assured, they will have the comfort they need at this difficult time, continued uninterrupted energy supply.”
Electric Ireland are also committed to providing the best value in the energy market, as part of that commitment, Electric Ireland continuously monitor energy prices, and when they can pass on reductions to their customers they do so. As part of this commitment, Electric Ireland announced a residential gas price freeze from 1 October, keeping an existing 11.5% gas decrease, that’s €78 on an average annual gas bill, from April in effect. In addition, Electric Ireland are the only Irish supplier to offer an enduring discount rate of up to 8.5% for gas and electricity residential customers, a discount that doesn’t disappear after a year. This is unique in the market compared to other suppliers who offer high upfront discounts that expire after twelve months, leaving customers with bill shock at the end of a contract period.
Electric Ireland deal with all residential customers experiencing difficulty in line with the voluntary Industry Energy Engage Code and offer Fuel Poor customers that sign up to the Household Budget Scheme or Industry Solution Prepayment Meter a 5% discount. Electric Ireland also work closely with vital organisations such as MABS (the Irish Money Advice and Budgeting Service), and SVP (Society of St. Vincent de Paul) to individually help customers who run into trouble paying their bills.
Electric Ireland have also supported the Young St Vincent de Paul’s National Youth Development programme since 2013 and have given a financial donation to SVP for the last number of years. Not only that, Electric Ireland staff support the annual SVP Christmas appeal. Finally, for those homes that may experience fuel poverty Electric Ireland’s innovative ‘Energy Saving Scheme’ has made €1.2 million euros available in 2020 to ensure those customers are supported as well.
Notes to Editor:
Electric Ireland has also worked to help their 1.3 million customers since the beginning of the challenges caused by the unprecedented impact of COVID-19. They continue to work hard to ensure that customer’s energy is one less worry at this time.
Customers in difficulty
We know that many of our customers may experience financial difficulties and uncertainty at this time. If you, or someone you know, is concerned about paying a bill, we ask that you contact us at an early stage and we will work together to reach a solution or call us at please call us at 1850 50 40 21.
Pay As You Go Customers
We are offering medically vulnerable customers, who are on a Pay As You Go plan, the option to change to a credit system, to help ensure their energy supply remains unaffected. For PAYG electricity customers, there are many ways to purchase credit and they are largely unaffected by the current crisis. However, if you are a PAYG Electricity or a PAYG Gas customer having difficulties, please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with practical support.

Energy saving tips
Given consumers are spending more time at home we advise customers of our educational resource, our Brighter Together hub available at, where we provide practical tips on how to be more energy efficient at home.