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Our Generation Portfolio

We are progressing a pipeline of projects and acquisitions, including initiatives with our trusted partners, to deliver our Net Zero by 2040 strategy.

We believe this will be achieved through an integrated net zero carbon energy system approach involving: 

  • Offshore wind (>30 GW) ​to generate the required primary energy ​  

  • Green Hydrogen production capability (>15 GW) ​  

  • Green Hydrogen storage in sub-sea salt caverns and depleted gas field storage (c. 90 days)  

  • Backup dispatchable zero-carbon (Green Hydrogen) power generation (>10GW) 

ESB Trading

We work on behalf of the company to maximise the value output of our generation fleet over a two year horizon. We manage the margin associated with ESB’s portfolio.

Our team trades 24 hours a day, across multiple commodities in several key markets. Those markets all have unique characteristics, which, in turn, mean handling different currencies and regulatory regimes. As a result, the ESB Trading team is constantly dealing with high levels of risk in a very fast paced environment. Managing these risks and seeking out the opportunities is crucial in deciding how and when to lock in the maximum value or reduced risk for ESB and its stakeholders.

Third Party Offerings

Utilising our trading capability, ESB Trading also provides trading services to third parties in the wholesale electricity and gas industry. As part of our Brighter Futures Strategy, we are particularly focused on entering Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with renewable generators looking to maximise value from their electrical production while minimising pricing risk and market obligations. We can also provide tailored route to market agreements to meet your needs. If you would like to learn more about what ESB Trading can offer your project please contact us at

Transparency Drive

EU Regulation 1227/2011 on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) has directed generators to make information publicly available on the current status and availability of their generation assets.

Scheduled Outages

You can find further information about ESB’s generation plant scheduled outages for SEM and BETA Markets on the ESB REMIT notification site here.

Unplanned Outages

You can find unplanned outages and urgent market messages for SEM and BETA Markets on the ESB REMIT notification site here.

Further Reading