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Debt Information

GROUP DEBT AS AT 31 December 2022

Green Bond17%
Private Placement3%
Bilateral (mainly EIB) 12%


Committed facilities89%

ESB Debt Maturity

ESB Group Debt Profile as of 31.12.2022
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ESB Group Financing Structure

Summary of Group Structure 2017
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ESB Financing Programmes and Facilities

The majority of ESB’s financing needs are met from the stable cash flows generated by our operating activities. Additional financing requirements are funded through a combination of capital market issues and bank borrowings. The combination of these facilities provides the prudence, diversity and flexibility which underline our financial strategy.

ESB Group Debt

As at 31 December 2022 ESB's Group Debt totalled €6.8 billion. 

Bond Information

List of bonds in issue.

As at 31 December 2022

IssuerCurrencyMaturityAmount OutstandingCouponISINListed
NIE Finance PLCGBP2032350,000,0005.875%XS2528656080London Stock Exchange
ESB Finance DACEUR2032550,000,0004%XS2550909415Irish Stock Exchange
ESB Finance DACEUR2034500,000,0001%XS2432544349Irish Stock Exchange
ESB Finance DACEUR2030700,000,0001.125%XS2009861480Irish Stock Exchange
ESB Finance DACEUR2044100,000,0002%XS1981749044Irish Stock Exchange
ESB Finance DACEUR2033500,000,0002.125%XS1903442744Irish Stock Exchange
ESB Finance DACEUR2024300,000,0003.494%XS0992646918Irish Stock Exchange
ESB Finance DACEUR2027500,000,0002.125%XS1239586594Irish Stock Exchange
ESB Finance DACEUR2029500,000,0001.750%XS1560853670Irish Stock Exchange
ESB Finance DACEUR2031600,000,0001.875%XS1428782160Irish Stock Exchange
ESB Finance DACGBP2035325,000,0001.875%XS2105811116Irish Stock Exchange
NIE Finance PLCGBP2026400,000,0006.375%XS0633547087London Stock Exchange
NIE Finance PLCGBP2025350,000,0002.500%XS1820002308London Stock Exchange


Final Terms

ESB Finance DAC 2043 Final Terms
PDF | 391KB

ESB Capital Markets Funding

Euro Medium Term Note Programme (EMTN) – ESB Finance DAC

In the capital markets we have a €5 billion Euro Medium Term Note Programme (EMTN) under which a number of Euro bonds and one GBP bond have been issued since March 2010. In addition to the EMTN issues, ESB’s subsidiary Northern Ireland Electricity has issued two GBP bonds. The most recent prospectus is available here:

ESB EMTN Offering Circular Supplement - October 2022
PDF | 334KB
ESB 2022 EMTN Update Final Offering Circular 5 August 2022
ESB EMTN Offering Circular Supplement - January 2022
PDF | 355KB
ESB EMTN Offering Circular - August 2021
ESB EMTN Offering Circular - December 2019
PDF | 302KB
PDF | 302KB

US Private Placement

ESB has developed strong relationships in the US Private Placement market and has completed two large transactions in this market.

Bilateral Finance

ESB Group enjoys a productive and long-standing relationship with the European Investment Bank as while as its group of 13 international relationship banks which also provide its primary liquidity facility as outlined below. Where appropriate, we also avail of non-recourse project finance facilities from relationship and other banks.


ESB’s primary liquidity source is a €1.4 billion Sustainability linked Revolving Credit Facility provided by our core relationship bank syndicate of 13 international banks – a facility which is currently committed out to February 2027. In December 2022, ESB entered into a new short term Revolving Credit facility of £750 million up to December 2023 with a group of 6 international banks.