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Our Investment Proposition 

Since our foundation almost 100 years ago, we have always been fully invested in the lives of the customers and communities we serve. We plan for the long term, constantly striving to find solutions that benefit society, now and in the future. 

Our strategy Driven to Make a Difference: Achieving Net Zero by 2040 sets out a clear pathway to achieve Net Zero in a way that supports our customers and ensures continued growth and ability to invest. Our strategy directly supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals, 7, 9 and 13. These map to our strategic objectives to generate and connect renewable generation, provide resilient, reliable infrastructure and to enable customers and communities to achieve net zero. 

Read more about our strategy here.

Our Investment Proposition
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Leading Ireland's Energy Transition to a Net Zero Future

- 96.9% Irish Government owned
- Markets include Ireland and Great Britain
- Owns all networks in ROI and NI
- Irish electricity market: 30% share of generation and 41% share of supply

Stable Business Profile

- Regulated electricity networks businesses in Ireland accounts for, on average, 67% of Group EBITDA and 68% of Group Assets (2018-2022)
- Supported by established and transparent regulatory frameworks regarded as robust by credit rating agencies

Consistent Financial Performance

- Average EBITDA €1.4bn & Gearing 56% (2018 - 2022)
- Diversified funding and strong liquidity position
- Credit ratings A- and A3

Invested in a Sustainable Future

We are undertaking transformational change across our business to support national climate action plans and address multiple, interlinking sustainability challenges. We have set a target to achieve net zero by 2040 and have committed to doing this in a way that enables communities and natural habitats to thrive. Our focus is on developing and connecting renewables, building resilient infrastructure and empowering our customers to live healthier, more sustainable lives using clean electricity.

Our Journey to Net Zero

For almost 100 years, we have used our capability and expertise to develop smart and sustainable energy solutions.

Our Sustainability Journey