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Our Strategy

ESB’s 2040 strategy – Driven to Make a Difference: Achieving Net Zero by 2040 – builds on our 2017 Brighter Future Strategy, which sets a clear direction for ESB to take action and exercise leadership in tackling climate change.

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Driving Innovation

Our innovation strategy supports our mission to achieve Net Zero by 2040, using an open innovation approach and collaboration with our partners.

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Our Hub provides detailed reports, disclosures and our position statements on environmental, social and governance matters.

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Our Sustainability Hub

Our hub focuses on how we are delivering on our Net Zero to 2040 strategy with a key focus on empowering customers, supporting sustainable living and investing in zero carbon infrastructure.

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Energy for Generations Fund

ESB's Energy for Generations Fund sees €1m per year disbursed through a quarterly fund to charities working in the areas of Suicide Prevention, Homelessness and Educational Access and Support.

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