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ESB Telecoms Managing Director Celebrates Launch of the National Low Latency Platform (NLLP)

ESB Telecoms Managing Director Conor O'Regan celebrates the launch of the National Low Latency Platform and shares insights into how this will transform the Irish telecoms landscape, enabling local communities to access services quicker and more reliably.

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Three Areas of Focus to Ensure the Delivery of Safe and Efficient Connectivity Solutions

In today's climate, ESB Telecoms is more committed than ever to delivering safe and efficient connectivity solutions to its valued customers.

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ESB Telecoms: Making the Connection

ESB Telecoms Outgoing Managing Director Rory McGowan shares insights into ESB’s telecoms business division by detailing the market changes, challenges and the constant demand for power and speed that is shaping the future.

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Delivering Tomorrow’s Speeds to Today's Customers Through Fibre-enabled Towers

For those of us who are old enough to remember the turn of the millennium, you will nostalgically recall when a mobile phone did as it said it would do, allowing you to make and receive phone calls while you were on the move.

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Delivering For a Connected Society

As we reflect on the past two years and emerge from lockdown, it is clear to many that our purchasing behaviour has changed.

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What is the Nexus of Cloud Computing, Fibre Optic Technology and Infrastructure?

Over the last two years, Covid-19 has increased everyone’s awareness of the criticality of telecommunications and computer infrastructure – telecommunications have never been more central to how the world is run.

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