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About Us

As Ireland's leading wholesale telecommunications provider, we bring almost 30 years of telecoms and electrical engineering experience to the industry with an extensive network throughout Ireland.

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The Future. Connected

Join us in enriching communication, enabling transformative connections, and empowering customers to thrive in the digital age. This is "The Future. Connected".

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With a portfolio of towers nationwide, we deliver flexibility of location and a future-proofed service for mobile and wireless communications operators.

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Dublin Dark Fibre

ESB owns and operates the entire Dublin Dark Fibre Network, giving operators the confidence to build their network with us.

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News and Insights

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Announcement of John Regan as Managing Director of ESB Telecoms

We are delighted to announce another milestone in the growth and leadership of ESB Telecoms as we welcome our new Managing Director, John Regan, to the helm.

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Utilising our optical fibre network to enable a secure digital landscape

IrelandQCI, the ‘Building a National Quantum Communication Infrastructure for Ireland’ project involves the integration of innovative and secure quantum devices and systems with conventional communication infrastructures. This will be done by utilising ESB Telecoms’ optical fibre network to provide an additional layer of security, all based on quantum physics.

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ESB Telecoms Managing Director Celebrates Launch of the National Low Latency Platform (NLLP)

ESB Telecoms Managing Director Conor O'Regan celebrates the launch of the National Low Latency Platform and shares insights into how this will transform the Irish telecoms landscape, enabling local communities to access services quicker and more reliably.

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