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Our Sponsorships

We are committed to supporting communities, seeking to transform lives, and enable social, economic and environmental progress. We aim to deliver and create a brighter future for all through our sponsorships which range across STEM, the arts and the energy transition.


Supporting STEM

We believe we play a key role in supporting young people to develop scientific literacy skills through programmes that encourage curiosity and discovery. By providing quality STEM experiences, we aim to equip young people with the skills required for the future.  

ESB Science Blast video
ESB Science Blast

ESB Science Blast, delivered by the RDS, is a free, non-competitive STEM education programme for primary school classes from 3rd to 6th (ROI) and Key Stage 2 (NI).

ESB Science Blast ignites children’s curiosity about the world around them by investigating the science behind a simple question, such as “Do small things make big changes in climate change?”.

ESB Science Blast aims to equip a whole generation of primary school children with fundamental lifelong scientific and problem-solving skills, not only preparing them for life in the 21st Century but also opening a future full of possibilities.

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Quavers to Quadratics video
Quavers to Quadratics

As part of our ongoing sponsorship of The National Concert Hall, we are proud to support the Quavers to Quadratics science and musical education programme.

This programme is an innovative programme which explores the intersection of the world of music and science through a series of hands-on workshops open to children between 3rd and 6th class.

Quavers to Quadratics is available online through Seesaw workshops and in-person through school-based workshops and workshops in The National Concert Hall and the Gaeltacht.

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Supporting the Arts 


We have always recognised the vital part that the arts play in social and economic progress, engaging communities and in innovation and creativity. This has been the case in generations gone by and will be the same for generations to come.

Our Arts Sponsorships video
Our Arts Sponsorships

ESB has a long history of supporting the arts. We have a large sponsorship portfolio which supports the arts. Our sponsorships in the arts include the National Gallery of Ireland, the National Concert Hall, the Abbey Theatre, and the Business to Arts Awards.

Through each of these sponsorships, we aim to enrich and preserve the arts in Ireland and encourage interest in the arts.

ESB Brighter Future Arts Fund video
ESB Brighter Future Arts Fund

In partnership with Business to Arts, we established a €250,000 Brighter Future Arts Fund to support artists and arts organisations to deliver creative projects that will promote awareness of climate change and inspire positive action.

The Fund has funded five projects spanning theatre, poetry, music, dance, sculpture, gardening, visual arts and soundscapes reaching over 100 artists and delivering more than 100 community workshops.

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Supporting the Energy Transition  


To support our vision of a net zero future for Ireland, we collaborate with others to bring world class thinking to policy discussions with a commitment to helping individuals and communities benefit from the energy transition.   


We have partnered with the Institute for International and European Affairs (IIEA) in its drive towards Net Zero 2040. Together, we deliver the REthink Energy Lecture Series, a platform for thought leadership and cross-sectoral debate on critical issues in energy policy.

Each lecture taps into expert opinions from around the globe to contribute to policy discussions on key energy issues and enrich public debate on Ireland’s transition to a zero-carbon energy future.

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