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Our Partnership Approach

We collaborate with large energy users to deliver industry-specific energy insights and to recommend and offer innovative, energy saving solutions to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

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Tailored Energy Solutions

We offer a range of sustainable solutions to reduce the energy costs of large businesses, without the need for upfront investment.

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Energy Management Hub

Our Energy Management Hub monitors all energy and water usage in buildings, enabling our expert team to devise solutions.

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Customer Success Stories

We collaborate with a wide range of customers across multiple industries to deliver energy savings and reduce carbon emissions.

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Self Funded Capital Projects

We deliver energy efficiency projects, whereby we procure, install, and develop a capital asset on behalf of the customer to best suit their needs.

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Renewable sources of energy offer a zero-carbon solution that delivers significant return on investment, with the ability to scale to your business's needs.

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EV Fleet

At ESB we have been developing electro-mobility solutions since 2010 and want to share our knowledge and offerings with businesses looking to reduce their transport carbon emissions.

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Our €75 million Smart Energy Services Fund is available to help large energy users

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