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Project Delivery Update

ESB is progressing a pipeline of projects and acquisitions, including initiatives with our trusted partners, to deliver our Net Zero by 2040 strategy.

Between Q1 2022 and Q1 2024, ESB will have connected over 610MW of new capacity to the Irish electricity grid – contributing to Ireland’s security of supply and net zero energy transition.

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ESB and Renewable Energy

It is our ambition to deliver a five-fold increase in renewable electricity, increasing our renewable generation portfolio from almost 1GW to 5GW and reducing the carbon intensity of our generation by two thirds by 2030.

Wind Farm Community Fund

At ESB, we recognise that achieving a transition to a low-carbon economy can only occur through responsible development which includes genuine community engagement. We want our wind farm investments to deliver long term social, economic and environmental benefits for everyone.

ESB in the UK

For more than 25 years, ESB has operated as a leading independent generator in the UK and currently developing a number of offshore and onshore wind farms.