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Our Strategy

Our strategy sets out a pathway to achieve net zero in a way that supports our continued growth and financial capacity to invest in a net zero future.

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Our Net Zero Carbon Journey video
Our Net Zero Carbon Journey

Learn all about ESB's sustainable journey towards net carbon zero by 2040.

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Materiality and Stakeholders

At ESB, we identify material issues based on what is important to our customers, stakeholders and our businesses, as well as the significance of the issue for the economy, society and the environment.

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Sustainability and ESG Reporting

Good governance provides the foundation for long-term value creation and is a core focus for ESB. We are committed to publishing policies, statements, and reports with respect to our business activities and actions related to society, environment, and the economy.

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Our Reporting Standards

ESB is committed to being as open and transparent as possible in our sustainability reporting. We are assessed by several sustainability rating agencies with these ratings an increasingly important consideration for our investors and stakeholders

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