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Latest Press Releases

24 May 2024 Safety Message from ESB: Reminding the Public of the dangers of swimming in ESB Reservoirs Read more
07 May 2024 ESB transfers Dalton Centre at Shannonbridge to Offaly Co Co for the benefit of the local community Read more
02 May 2024 ESB Networks warn of risks associated with erecting posters on electricity poles ahead of Local and European Elections Read more

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ESB Leading Lights

Through a series of thought leadership articles, we provide an insight and analysis of Ireland's changing energy industry

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Latest Blogs

22 May 2024 ESB ecars – updated terms of service Low Carbon Future Read more
Man with black and grey hair smiling at a camera, wearing a light blue shirt and navy jacket.
07 May 2024 Meet Colm Moriarty, Digital Capability and Culture Manager People of ESB Read more
Seven people standing in a courtyard with four sitting and three standing and all looking at the person sitting to the left.
02 May 2024 Net zero cannot wait: takeaways from the Accelerate conference Low Carbon Future Read more

Latest Publications

The Way We Work at ESB - Our Code
PDF | 1391MB
The Way we Work at ESB - Our Code
PDF | 1391MB
ESB Defined Contribution Pension Scheme Statement of Investment Policy Principles
PDF | 554MB