ESB's Smart Energy Services and Renewables

Decarbonise energy and Increase resilience

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Solar Energy

Solar has become one of the most popular sources of renewable energy, offering a zero carbon solution that delivers a significant return on investment, with the ability to scale. ESB's Smart Energy Services integrates Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) with Solar Thermal technology to maximise your organisation’s ROI and CO2 savings. Our industry-leading generation technologies provide clean energy, while stabilising costs. Available as a funded solution, organisations can take advantage of immediate savings, while offsetting project and maintenance costs.



Benefits of Solar

  • 100% Renewable Solution
  • Significant Cost & Carbon Savings
  • Works in All Weather
  • Scalable & Adaptable

Landing lower energy costs at Dublin Airport 

Dublin Airport

Comprised of daa International and the Group’s International travel retail arm ARI, daa operates both Dublin and Cork Airports. Since 2014 daa has been working in partnership with the ESB to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions at Dublin Airport.

The Results:

  •  Dublin Airport succeded in reducing its carbon footprint by 5,000 tonnes
  •  From working with ESB Smart Energy Services energy consumption across two terminals reduced by 42%

Wind Energy

As the fastest growing renewable energy source currently available, wind energy plays an essential part in achieving a zero carbon future. Through ESB's Smart Energy Services we are committed to delivering a sustainable and competitive energy supply. Ongoing investments in innovation and expertise allow us to continuously improve wind as an energy resource. We offer long term contracts and financing on large-scale projects. This ensures the highest efficiency and cost effectiveness, while significantly reducing investment risk. As with Solar PV, ESB's Smart Energy Services integrates wind generation with other technologies to maximise ROI.




Benefits of Wind Energy include:

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  • Energy Price Stability
  • Energy Supply Resilience
  • Enhances Green Credentials
  • Maintenance Covered
  • Warranty Protected