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Meet Clare Reynolds, Marketing Specialist

People of ESB is a new 12-part series documenting the lives of ESB staff across our various business units. This month, we meet Clare Reynolds, a marketing specialist for ESB’s Talent Acquisition team. Clare worked for just one week at ESB’s offices before she, and all her colleagues, had to transition to working from home. Here, she outlines how she has adapted to remote working and is now helping others onboard virtually.  


What’s your role in ESB? 

I am a marketing specialist for the Talent Acquisition team at ESB. My role is exciting because I lead the marketing activities around ESB’s recruitment. 

I’ve worked in this role for almost a year, joining the week before the country went into the first lockdown. To say it was challenging would be an understatement! But it has been very rewarding, and I am so proud of everything I have achieved during this difficult year.  

Despite the pandemic, ESB’s recruitment didn’t slow down. It was great to work with the team to help manage the change to virtual recruitment with the roll-out of virtual careers fairs and CV clinics.  

What were your expectations when joining ESB?

Before I started, I knew ESB had a strong value system. ESB prides itself on being a caring, courageous, trusting and driven organisation so when I joined it was no surprise that those values are very much a part of every employees’ mantra. 

people of esb clare reynolds

Has anything surprised you about the company since joining? 

ESB is the largest company I have ever worked for. With more than 7,000 employees, it was a big change coming from a company with just over 100 employees. I was excited to work in such an iconic Irish company, but I was afraid I would miss out on the small company culture I became used to.  

I’m happy to say I was mistaken. The culture in ESB is warm and people are so open and happy to help you with anything. I only had a week of working in the office, but the welcome I received was incredible and that good nature continued to translate through the virtual world.  

I was also surprised to receive regular email updates from ESB CEO Pat O’Doherty. He sends progress reports to all staff and it reminds me of the smaller companies I have come from.  

Apart from working from home, how has Covid-19 affected your day-to-day role?  

I live in County Offaly and ESB’s headquarter is in Dublin so the biggest change for me is I now have an extra four hours in my day that I would have otherwise spent on public transport. 

Can you describe yourself in three words? 

Creative, dependable and bubbly. 

What has the pandemic and working from home taught you? 

I’ve learned to always check that I’m not on mute before speaking on a video call! ‘You’re on mute’ was the quote of 2020 and I’m determined to not let that continue in 2021. 

What are you most looking forward to this year and beyond?  

I’m looking forward to being with people again. Although my manager and team are only a phone call away, I am really looking forward to being around them again. The office banter and coffee chats are something I will never take for granted again. 

What advice would you give a graduate starting their career in ESB? 

Never hesitate to reach out. The people in ESB are the most friendly and helpful people I have ever met so I say do not be afraid to reach out to someone. I learn new things every day in ESB just by talking to people from different departments. The knowledge I have gained in less than one year has really helped me in my first year so it would be even more crucial to someone just starting their career. 

Does your work align with ESB’s values? 

Absolutely. The area of marketing that I work in is unique as I am not looking to promote a product or service. I am part of a process that helps people get jobs. My role relies very heavily on the fact that I believe in ESB and its purpose. ESB’s values are caring, courageous, trusting and driven and if they were not a part of how I do my job, then I would be in the wrong role. 

What do you wish you knew when you took on the role in ESB that you know now? 

My first week in the office turned out to be my only week in the office. I wish I knew that when I started because I would have known to take all my notes home with me. 

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