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About ESB Telecoms

ESB Telecoms is a wholesale telecommunications provider, bringing ​30 years of telecoms and electrical engineering experience to the industry. We own and operate an extensive telecoms network throughout Ireland with International fibre connectivity to the United Kingdom. 

We also own and manage a portfolio of more than 400 telecommunications towers and sites nationwide, providing transmission services for mobile and wireless operators, private communications companies and emergency services.

Our Product Portfolio

Management Team

White man wearing a white shirt and grey hair John Regan Managing Director

With more than 20 years of telecoms experience, John's expertise spans Business Planning, Strategy, Product Development, Regulation, CRM, Sales, and Partnerships. In his most recent senior role with ESB Telecoms as Business Development, Strategy and Regulation Manager, John led the identification and implementation of profitable strategic initiatives, innovative business opportunities and the creation of appropriate products and pricing, as well as the management of key stakeholder relationships with partners, industry fora and industry regulators.