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About ESB Telecoms

ESB Telecoms Ltd. is a wholesale telecommunications provider, bringing ​20 years of telecoms and electrical engineering experience to the industry. We own and operate an extensive telecoms network throughout Ireland with International fibre connectivity to the United Kingdom. 

ESB Telecoms Ltd. also owns and manages a portfolio of more than 400 telecommunications towers and sites nationwide. We provide transmission services for mobile and wireless operators, private communications companies and emergency services.

Our Product Portfolio

Management Team

Philip Smith Head of Engineering

Joined ESB Telecoms in 2021, Phil has worked in the ICT industry for over 25 years in various roles. These include operations, planning & design and consultative roles supporting global telecom companies and large Infrastructure builds. Phil is currently responsible for engineering of the national network, and all things technology. 

Holds a Hons degree in Business and IT, higher diploma in Computing and higher diploma in Finance. Phil is a member of the Irish Engineers Institute (MIEI).