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ESB and Your Data

At ESB our commitment to the privacy of your personal information goes beyond compliance with GDPR and focuses on building a culture that respects privacy at all levels in order to justify the trust that our customers and employees place in us.


Our privacy notices are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they clearly communicate all aspects of data processing and protection within ESB.


Data protection metrics across ESB, our partners and suppliers are routinely monitored, audited and reported on to the highest level of management.


Our customers and employees’ have meaningful control of their personal data; allowing them to access, update or delete data held by ESB upon request.

Integrity and Confidentiality

All personal data processed and stored by ESB is protected by state-of-the-art security infrastructure.

Responsible Processing

Every core processing activity performed by ESB is risk assessed and recorded in order to ensure privacy by design including elements such as: - purpose limitation, data minimisation, accuracy, etc.

Privacy Notices

The below privacy notices govern how we collect, use and manage personal information across the multiple businesses owned and operated by ESB.


Electricity Supply Board (ESB) and its wholly and majority-owned entities (collectively, the “ESB Group”), is a leading Irish diversified and vertically integrated utility operating right across the electricity market from generation, through transmission and distribution to the supply of customers, with an expanding presence in the GB generation market.

We employ almost 8,000 employees and through our internal business functions we process information about our staff in order to manage effectively our relationship with our employees. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of the personal information that we gather concerning our prospective, current and former employees for management, human resources, payroll and related purposes.

Employees Privacy Notice

Customer Privacy Notice 

Electric Ireland is a retail arm of ESB, supplying electricity, gas and energy services to the business and residential markets in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. More information here. 


ESB Networks DAC (ESBN), a wholly owned subsidiary of ESB, is the licensed operator of the electricity distribution system in the Republic of Ireland. Serving all electricity customers and electricity market participants across the country, are responsible for building, operating, maintaining and developing the electricity network. ESBN manage electricity meter and meter data operations across the country, coordinating and supporting the operation of the competitive retail and wholesale electricity markets. More information here

Note: It is important to highlight that in line with government guidance ESB Networks DAC is a ring-fenced subsidiary of ESB an thus data transfers between ESBN and Electric Ireland or the wider-ESB Group are limited to standard electricity market messages and communications.