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ElectricAid - Empowering Communities around the World

Our Story

Supporting thousands of projects, impacting millions of lives

ElectricAid was established in 1987 by ESB staff volunteers who were motivated to inspire social justice in Ireland and abroad.

Today, ESB in partnership with EirGrid, assist the charity as it contributes to the development of people all over the world through the co-funding of projects for long-term sustainable development, poverty relief and support during crises.

Our partnership has seen ElectricAid develop projects in more than 91 countries and in some of the world’s most underdeveloped regions.

Over the past 10 years, the charity has co-funded more than 1,600 projects to the value of more than €14 million, positively impacting the lives of almost 1.5 million people across communities worldwide.

Empowering Development in Global Communities

The charity is founded on a belief that supporting people through self-help can deliver more long-term and positive change for communities in need and help prevent reliance on disaster relief.

ElectricAid’s primary goal is on development rather than disaster and on prevention rather than relief. By working closely with partners on the ground, the charity empowers people and communities to lead their own sustainable projects to bring about real and lasting change for good.

The role of the programme is to distribute funds from staff and pensioners of ESB, which are then matched by the company to:

  • Develop communities through long-term sustainable improvement projects
  • Provide poverty relief
  • Respond to humanitarian crises – through special appeals separate from normal funding
  • Promote awareness within ESB of global development issues

Real Change at Home and Abroad

In 2018, ElectricAid supported 125 projects across 35 countries to a value of over €1 million. While the primary focus of the programme is to support projects in developing communities internationally, at least 10% of ElectricAid projects are delivered in Ireland. Combined, these projects aim to address several global development issues which are supported by Dóchas – the Irish association of Development NGOs and the UN, including:

  • No Poverty – Through income-generating schemes, vocational training and microfinance
  • Zero Hunger – By providing humanitarian aid, irrigation and sustainable agriculture projects
  • Good Health and Wellbeing – By developing and improving regional health centres
  • Quality Education – By supporting numerous school development projects worldwide

ElectricAid in Action

ElectricAid is providing life-changing support in projects around the world such as the fight against blindness in ZambiaSightsavers Trachoma elimination project in Ghana, inclusion for young girls in Kenya and helping to educate children in India.

A crisis cannot always be foreseen or stopped, ElectricAid actively responds to relief efforts with special appeals that have included Cyclone Idai in Malawi, the Haiti Earthquake and the Syrian Civil War - by providing funds from its Disaster Relief Fund through donations by members and supporters.

At home, the charity has supported local projects such as the Sunshine Class in Co Roscommon, a wheelchair swing for children in the Central Remedial Clinic in Dublin and Age Action Care & Repair programme nationwide.

These are just a small collection of the incredible work carried out with the backing of ESB and our staff.

Your Support Matters

ESB has a presence in communities throughout Ireland and in partnership with ElectricAid throughout the world.

Our staff are the heartbeat of ElectricAid. The charity is run by a committee of volunteers who are given time away from their roles to share their experience and skills ensuring the charity is run to the highest standards.

The programme has shaped the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives including our corporate fund – The ESB Energy for Generations Fund which supports projects working to fight homelessness, prevent suicide and promote education access and support.

Be part of ElectricAid

There is still so much more to be done. ESB staff and pensioners can join ElectricAid’s 2,600 members to support the life-changing projects taking place to address some of the biggest issues facing the communities of the world –