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Five tips to prepare for your video interview with ESB

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With Covid-19 changing the way we all work and stay connected, video interviews have become increasingly important in the recruitment process for organisations across the globe.

At ESB, we know that everyone is still coming to terms with these new methods of communication and below are five tips that will help you prepare for your next video interview.

Choose your setting

In addition to traditional interview preparations, it is important to prepare the setting and surroundings where the interview will take place. Unlike a traditional interview where you would be invited into the company building, you have the choice to organise where your interview will take place.

You should consider the background of what can be seen by the interviewer including lighting and sound quality. Try to choose a quiet room, with a plain background and good lighting – it’s best if there is natural lighting and where possible, make sure that the light is facing you and not behind you.

Use the right equipment

Your interviewer does not expect you to have professional camera equipment, but it is important you choose the best camera available to you – which could be your mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

It is important to angle your device as if you are face-to-face with the interviewer. Do not hold the device in your hand during the interview as you may move or shake the camera.

Sound is an important part of video interviews. A quiet room is the best setting, if possible, use headphones with a microphone connection. This will ensure that you and the interviewer can hear clearly, eliminating any background noise that may interfere. It is best to do a test on a video conferencing platform to make sure sound settings are working accordingly before your interview.

Don’t forget to show enthusiasm

Talking to someone face-to-face makes it easier to express body language and recognise social cues, but video can sometimes make that more difficult. Look directly into the camera and just like in any interview, remember to smile.

Concentrate on the interviewer

Video conferencing platforms give users two viewing screens; one for viewing the person on the call and the second to view themselves. This is very useful, but for interviewing purposes seeing yourself can at times be distracting. In a traditional interview, it would be unlikely that you would be able to see yourself while responding to questions. To make the video interviews more realistic and help you to concentrate, block the self-view camera or use a post-it note to stick over that part of the screen – just make sure you are in view and that you are happy with the angle before you do so.

The same interview rules still apply

Always remember that although the setting is different, you still need to treat it the same as a normal interview. Dress appropriately, prepare and practice the STAR model, research ESB including our history of powering communities across Ireland and make sure to have some questions to ask the interviewer at the end.

Sometimes with the pressure of setting up the video aspect of the interview, it can be easy to forget the basics. Once you are happy with your video interview set-up, start practising for the interview. It is better to have the video connection organised beforehand, so you can put your full focus on the interview questions.

Below is a quick video interview preparation checklist that you can use before you start your interview with ESB:

  • Quiet room
  • Good lighting
  • Plain background
  • Good quality camera
  • Camera propped up directly in front of your face
  • Headphones with a microphone

We are living in different times since the outbreak of Covid-19 and our recruitment team, just like you, are still learning about video interviewing.

If you have any questions before your interview, please contact –  one of our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.