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How the new ESB eBikes initiative will support Ireland’s decarbonisation strategy

Electric Living

Europe represents one of the largest markets for e-bikes across the globe. The market is mainly driven by the growing need to reduce carbon emissions and people seeking alternative means of avoiding traffic congestion. This has increased the demand for e-bikes in countries like Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. According to a study published by Research and Markets, the European e-bike market was valued at $9.01bn in 2021, and it is expected to reach $18.26bn by 2027. 

Ireland is not an exception. The sale of e-bikes has increased significantly since March 2020 when Covid-19 lockdowns sparked strong public interest. 

Benefits of e-bikes  

Although e-bikes still remain a minority compared to sales of other modes of electric transport such as vehicles, they are becoming increasingly popular and will play an important role in reducing emissions from transport in Ireland. According to a study conducted by the European Cyclists Federation, e-bikes are even better for the environment than electric cars, creating just 2.5 to 5 grams of carbon dioxide per mile.

Along with the positive environmental impacts, e-bikes also offer numerous ‘human benefits’. A study conducted out of Brigham Young found that people who ride electric bikes experience nearly as much exercise as those who ride mountain bikes, without feeling as if they've had as difficult a workout. This happens due to the combination of pedal-assist, which allows riders to cardiovascular exercise and burn calories.  

Mental health is also positively impacted, as it allows us to change scenery, reduce stress, sleep better and be more productive. In addition, it can be used by people with muscular problems and joints, which facilitates use by the elderly. 

ESB eBikes  

ESB eBikes is a pilot rental initiative that will include 112 bikes across 14 charging stations in parts of the suburbs of Dublin City.  

This project will ease the journey for commuters by offering an accessible and sustainable transport solution for all people to travel around the city. ESB eBikes is part of the European eHUBs project and is funded by Interreg NWE. 

ESB has installed eHubs, each with charging stations for eight eBikes. These will be available to the public in suburbs right across the city. ESB eBikes is coordinated by ESB with operational support from mobility solution providers, Bleeper and Moby, and all four Local Authorities in Dublin.  

Bleeper and Moby, depending on the location, will maintain and operate the eBikes with the charging infrastructure provided by ESB. Bleeper’s ESB eBikes scheme is now available and is accessible via the Bleeper app. The Moby scheme, which will be operational over the coming weeks, will be accessible via the ESB eBikes app.    

The project aims to further support the development of the electrification of transport that will decrease transport emissions and reduce congestion by offering an alternative to private car usage.

ESB eBike Club Membership 

The initiative will allow the possibility to rent an e-bike for one day of use at the cost of €10. 

Frequent users of ESB eBikes can sign up to the monthly ESB eBike ‘Club Membership’ price plan. This membership comprises a monthly subscription fee of €30 and as part of this scheme, you will benefit from a discounted rate of €5 for one day use of an eBike.

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