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ESB Notification: Flow from Inniscarra Dam to reduce to normal levels by midnight tonight

Tuesday 5 January 2016, 1:30 pm

ESB advises that flows from the Inniscarra Dam were reduced to 180 cubic metres per second (cumecs) at 8am this morning and will continue to reduce throughout the day. Based on current weather predictions, it is anticipated that the flow will drop to normal levels (75 cumecs) by midnight tonight.

Due to prolonged heavy rainfall in the Lee catchment associated with Storm Desmond and Storm Frank, spilling from Inniscarra Dam commenced on 2 December and has continued at various levels throughout the month and into the New Year. The peak inflows to the Lee catchment during Storm Frank are estimated to have been in excess of 750 cumecs, leading to flows of up to 250 cumecs from the Inniscarra Dam.

Throughout the period ESB has been working in closely with Cork County Council and Cork City Council.

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