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ESB Networks Launches Nationwide, Multimedia Safety Advertising Campaign

Monday, 18 January 2015 - ESB Networks today launched its nationwide, multimedia safety advertising campaign aimed at encouraging the public to be aware of electricity networks when outdoors. The ‘Are You Sure It’s Safe?’ campaign will feature on TV, radio and online. This campaign is part of ESB Networks’ Public Safety Strategy. The 30-second TV ad focuses on outdoor electrical safety hazards following storms and when gardening, but the message could equally be applied to other situations. It highlights the dangers associated with a person coming close to or touching  live electricity wires.
ESB Networks builds and maintains the electricity network, so that it is safe. However, high winds, and falling trees can bring electricity wires onto the ground. The electricity network is designed and built with ample clearance levels. However, when people are outdoors working or pursuing leisure activities, they can  inadvertently come close to or touch live electricity wires, causing serious or even fatal injury. The use of the line ‘Are You Sure It’s Safe?’ encourages the public to be aware of the dangers of being near the electricity network while outdoors and to stop and check if the electricity network is in close proximity to them.

The wider campaign will target the general public, including farmers, construction workers and children in a bid to raise awareness of staying safe around electricity wires. The TV ad will air on national TV and four radio executions will air on national and local radio stations. Digital banners will be seen on key news websites and an “always on” search campaign will also run as part of this campaign. The ad will also feature on the RTÉ Player and YouTube.

Click here to watch the TV ad.