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Back to Press Releases 02 February 2016

ESB Networks advises all candidates of danger posed by erecting election posters on poles

ESB Networks wishes to advise all candidates in the upcoming General Election that the erection of posters on any electricity pole (wood or steel) poses a serious safety risk and is not permitted.

Serious injuries have been caused to members of the public when they come in close proximity to electricity wires.

Accessing electricity poles using ladders, hoists or any other means, places the person at serious risk of injury or death. Attaching posters low down or interfering in any way with electricity poles, such as drilling or hammering is dangerous and is not permitted.

ESB Networks wishes to advise that any posters that are erected on electricity poles will be removed.

In the event of a dangerous situation or emergency involving the electricity networks,  please phone ESB Networks’ 24 hour emergency service at 1850 372 999.