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Irish homes set to get smarter in 2018

Electric Ireland brings an exciting new Smarter Home service to Irish consumers

Electric Ireland, is giving customers control of their heat, electricity, hot water and appliances with their new Smarter Home product. 

A Smarter Home from Electric Ireland allows customers to control their heating, lights and immersion all from the palm of their hands via the Smart Home App available on smartphone and tablet. Starting at just €3.99 a month, appliances such as lights, washing machines, TVs and dishwashers can also be controlled via smart plugs, making life more convenient and meaning that those in a Smarter Home will never have to worry about leaving the hair straightener or iron on again.

There are two Smarter Home Bundles available to Electric Ireland customers:
1. The Smarter Home Control Bundle includes two smart plugs that plug directly into a wall socket, letting you control your  devices remotely, and a unique Smart Home app which lets you monitor usage and even predict future bills.
2. The Smarter Home Comfort Bundle includes all of the above products along with a Nest or Climote heating control device which allows customers to control the heating remotely so Electric Ireland customers will never have to come home to a cold home again.

The Smarter Home Bundles were developed from learnings based on a trial of Irish customers, so they’re specifically tailored to the needs of the Irish market.
For example, you can also choose to get a smart immersion control for an additional €2.99 per month which allows customers to remotely turn on or off their electric immersion in their home. It will also show customers how much electricity the immersion uses and the cost.

The Smarter Home service also allows Solar PV customers measure their energy production and allows electric vehicle customers monitor their charging usage. 
With its long-standing commitment to customers and dedicated mission to a low carbon future for Ireland, Electric Ireland will professionally install the products free of charge and show home-owners how to use the Smarter Home Bundle. Electric Ireland will also offer new upgrades so customers can continue to select products that are suitable for them, their home and family. The Smarter Home Bundles give home-owners access to ‘smart’ products and features to prevent energy wastage, and reduce bills, by allowing you to control heating remotely and track where the most energy is being used.
Electric Ireland is committed to being a market leader in innovation for the Irish home. It is estimated that almost 40%* of new homes currently being built in Ireland will have elements of smart home technology included in their plans. Electric Ireland want to help bring customers on an exciting Smarter Home journey.

The Smarter Home Bundle is the first step, empowering customers to understand and control how their home operates remotely. The evolution of the Electric Ireland Smarter Home will see future innovations in door and window sensors, motion detectors, light bulbs, electric vehicle charging and thermostat integration – bringing the Electric Ireland Smarter Home proposition on par with European Leaders in Home Tech innovation.

Jim Dollard, Executive Director, Electric Ireland, said: “Electric Ireland prides itself on being customer focused and always aims to provide simple energy solutions and great service to make life better for all its customers. We are committed to embracing and implementing the latest technologies in Irish homes and leading the way in residential innovations. There is much more to come in this area and Electric Ireland is excited to bring its customers on the Smarter Home journey.”

Through Smarter Living, Electric Ireland is fully committed to providing its customers with the most sophisticated products and experiences on offer, while saving them money along the way.
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Notes to Editor
The Smarter Home Hub Bundle and the Smarter Home Comfort bundle were developed with technology partner Accenture.

Offer 1: Smarter Home Hub worth €320
Enjoy greater control over home appliances and electricity usage to manage bills. That’s on top of the convenience of being able to use Smart plugs to switch lights on and off remotely and much more – all for just €3.99 per month on a 36 month subscription. Offer includes:
● 1 x Smarter Home Hub
● 1 x monitoring clamp
● 2 x smart plugs
● Smarter Home App
+ Immersion control for an additional €2.99 per month

Offer 2: Smarter Home Comfort worth €520
Choose Smarter Home Comfort for ultimate control over appliances and electricity usage with the added comfort of a Smarter Home heating control for just €7.99 per month on a 36 month subscription. Offer includes:
● 1 x Smarter Home Hub
● 1 x monitoring clamp
● 2 x smart plugs
● Nest or Climote heating control
● Smarter Home App
+ Immersion control for an additional €2.99 per month
* Reference: The Irish Times.

Product Development And Support
Electric Ireland has a dedicated Product Development And Support team based in Dublin to helo customers as they begin their journey towards a Smarter Home.

About Electric Ireland
Electric Ireland is the retail arm of ESB, supplying electricity, gas and energy services to the business and residential markets in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Recognised as Ireland’s leading energy provider, customer service is the cornerstone of the Electric Ireland brand. Electric Ireland has high standards and is always innovating to offer competitive prices, as well as smart, innovative products for the connected home.