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ESB Networks restores power to 83,000 customers during the night

  • 24,000 homes, farms and businesses remain without power
  • Greater Dublin area and eastern counties main areas​ affected
  • Teams restoring power where it is safe and possible to do so
  • Updates and Estimated Restoration Times on Powercheck app and

Issued: 7:​20 am, Friday 2 March 2018

During the night, storm Emma has caused damage to the electricity network.

As of ​7:20 am, there are 24,000 homes and business without electricity nationally. ESB Networks staff are focussed on prioritising repairs as soon as it is safe and possible to do so to get electricity back to everyone. We understand how difficult it is to have no electricity in these conditions.

The main areas affected are parts of Swords , Lusk, Skerries, Navan, Julianstown, Rathcoole, Castleknock, Duleek, Drybridge, Dunsandle, Allenwood, Prosperous and Saggart.       

Since 10pm last night, there have been a number of significant faults on the ESB Networks arising from the worsening weather conditions. These faults mainly occurred in the Eastern part of the country and the greater Dublin area. At the peak of the faults around 1.30am, there were 117,000 homes and businesses without electricity.

Overnight, ESB Networks operations staff have been rerouting power remotely from our Control Centre to restore electricity to 83,000 homes and businesses. In parallel, On-call network technicians were dispatched, where it was safe to do so, to various ESB substations across Dublin to restore supply to additional customers.

The largest fault occurred at Ringsend 110kV station in Dublin at 1.30am. Ringsend 110kV station is one of the bulk electricity supply points for the East and South of Dublin City resulting in electricity being lost to 90,000 homes and businesses in parts of Dublin ranging from the City Centre, Ringsend, to Dundrum. We have restored supply to almost all of those affected by this fault so far.

Throughout the day today, ESB Networks will be continuing to safely restore electricity to the homes and businesses without electricity and will be monitoring the weather, road and work conditions.

As part of the National Emergency Co-Ordination Group, ESB Networks are working with the emergency services to ensure the safety of the public during the storm and assistance for ESB Networks is being co-ordinated through this group.

Information on power outages and restoration times are available on:
• or on the PowerCheck App for iPhone and Android devices.
• If your fault is not showing on Powercheck please report it at . Customers should have their MPRN available in order to log the fault and to access information on restoration times specific to their location
• If  you have no internet access please call 1850 372 999. Customers should have their MPRN available to access recorded information specific to their location.
• You can also check @ESBNetworks on Twitter for updates.

Please report all emergencies such as fallen wires to 1850 372 999.

ESB Networks would like to ask our customers to be prepared to be without electricity in case their area is hit:

• Have plenty of food and water available
• Have torches with spare batteries available
• Make sure your phone is charged and, if possible, have a phone charger at hand for your car
• Please check that elderly or vulnerable relatives and neighbours are prepared to be without electricity
• If you have electric gates, please check you know how to work them manually
• Have an alternative fuel supply available if possible to provide heating for your home.

If you lose power:
• Never approach broken lines or damaged poles, and keep children and animals away – report damage to ESB Networks at 1850 372 999 and listen to recorded messages carefully
• Turn off electric cookers, ovens, irons, etc. if electricity supply is lost
• Leave a light switched on so you know when power has been restored
• Take extra care if using candles, oil lamps or other naked flames
• Test smoke alarms with fresh batteries
• Ensure adequate ventilation if using gas heaters.