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Electric Ireland announces winter price freeze


• Pledge to customers follows a number of energy suppliers announcing price increases in recent weeks
• Announcement will reassure customers of Electric Ireland’s commitment to offering the best long term value on the market

Issued: 11 am, 22 November 2018

Electric Ireland has today announced that it will freeze electricity and gas prices this winter, thereby protecting customers from the impact of rising energy costs for the heavy energy usage winter months. This is despite most other Irish energy suppliers increasing their prices in recent weeks as well as sustained increases in wholesale energy prices over the past two years.

Marguerite Sayers, Executive Director, Customer Solutions, commented: “Given that most other energy suppliers have recently announced price increases, we want to reassure our customers that Electric Ireland continues to offer the best long term value in the market. We are acutely conscious of the financial pressures facing our customers, especially in the run-up to Christmas, and we are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible for as long as possible.

"We believe today’s announcement will help to provide our customers with some peace of mind about their energy bills in the coming months, giving them one less thing to worry about facing into the winter,” Marguerite added.


Editors' Notes: -
1. Electric Ireland’s Price Check table demonstrates that our electricity and gas customers save up to €806 over three years compared to being with other suppliers.